Coin Sheet - June 5, 2017

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ETH is at it again. Speculation for this week from ScienceGuy9489 puts ETH at a ceiling of ~$280. Bitcoin_Schmitcoin places ETH at a more convervative price of ~$260

ETH ain't the only badboy on the block, SiacoinStratis, and Ripple are also making moves.

Bitcoin is back above $2500, and Japan and South Korea are all about that Bitcoin life.

Drum Roll...

Vitalik meets with Putin.The markets response has been as anticipated. Jokes aside, an entire country expressing interest in cryptocurrency is a big deal. Putin literally held his ministers hostage until 1AM, talking with them about crypto related topics. I should mention here that while Putin did meet with Vitalik Buterin, Putin was likely less interested in Ethereum, than he was in picking Vitalik's brain about setting up his own "Russian Bitcoin."

 A rare photo of Putin directing the Russian Ministry of Finance to conduct a technical analysis on an unknown cryptocurrency.

A rare photo of Putin directing the Russian Ministry of Finance to conduct a technical analysis on an unknown cryptocurrency.

In other news: Coinbase is set to raise 100 million dollars at a 1 billion dollar evaluation. Maybe they'll finally hire some more support staff.

Word on the street is that Bancor will publish their ICO terms today. What Bancor is isn't all that important, what's important is how quickly their ICO will sell out...and it most likely will sell out. Because that's the world we live in, where a coin like BAT sells out in 30 seconds flat and trades next day at a 600% markup. So am I going to try to get in on the ICO? You goddam right I am, you won't be hearing any arguments from me claiming moral superiority.


Like it or not, if you hold cryptocurrency you're a pioneer in this space. As pioneers, you need to be more prudent when it comes to the security of your holdings. It pains me to read articles like this where people getting hacked and getting their coins taken. To quote EthAdvisor, "One of the joys of cryptocurrency investing is being your own bank." This is also the biggest risk. You need to realize the importance of being your own bank if you’re serious about investing in cryptocurrency.

Now, I'm not telling you to go out and buy a hardware wallet. If you give a blockhead (pun intended) a remote to a TV, he might just try and use it to turn on the Microwave. Learn the basics. Understand why it is important to use a computer that has never seen the internet before when you are generating a new wallet (hint:you want it to be as secure as possible).

My homework assignment for you all is to read the "BEGINNERS GUIDE TO ETHER INVESTING." Yes, it says "ETHER" but don't get your panties in a bunch, the advice is broadly applicable to all cryptocurrency.

And for the love of god, put Google Two Factor Authenticator on everything you can you donkey.

And I'm not done, here's another related reading on the matter with some tips.

AGAIN, so it sticks, if you don't have Google 2FA, you are prey(*easy prey. If you have 2FA you are still prey, admittedly much harder, and much more annoying prey).

That is all.


I appreciate everyone's support and feedback. Much love.