Coin Sheet - June 9, 2017

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According to Bloomberg, Bitcoin Is at Risk of No Longer Being the Biggest Digital Currency

Ethereum-Based Peer-To-Peer Package Delivery With PassLfix And Streamr

ScienceGuy9489 says next lift off for Ethereum is today (6/9/2017). Bitcoin_Schmitcoin said last night on his twitch stream that this is a rather aggressive prediction. EDIT* ScienceGuy updates his technical analysis chart & prediction to a more conservative date.

New Hampshire (this is a US state, not Frodo Baggin' next destination) has signed a bill into law exempting bitcoin traders from money transmission regulations

Washington (this is also a US state) has signed a bill adding cryptocurrency regulations. What's clear is that it seems like everyone is on the same page when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation.

Oh, and Kraken raised BTC withdrawal fees, nbd.


Bitcoin_Schmitcoin's Cryptocurrency Trading Basics and a Market Recap.


I've been asked several times to write guides, tutorials, and introductory articles about cryptocurrency and I will do just that. Every now and again you will see a segment called "Fundamentals" where I will try to leave you with a short tidbit of knowledge that will strengthen certain core concepts and hopefully encourage and inspire you to learn more.

Today in Fundamentals: Hash Functions

A hash is a function that you give some data and it returns some characters of a consistent length. 

 Courtesy of  m  odder9

Courtesy of modder9

Chad Shillington: Cool broseph, who cares

Well, what's cool about hash's is that they let you prove whether or not you have some information that someone else hashed. For example, when Google stores your Gmail password, they don't actually store your password in plain text, a hash of the password is used instead. Google checks if your Gmail password is correct by checking if the hash of the password entered matches the hashed value stored in their database.

This established a safeguard that, even if Google is hacked and their password database is compromised, the passwords are not actually visible to the intruders. Not impossible, but It should be incredibly difficult to work backwards from a hash value to an input value.

That's it! You can read more here about hash funtions if you are interested.

POP QUIZ!: Which of the following is a hash?


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