Coin Sheet - June 10, 2017

◤What people are talking about...

Ethereum breaks through the $300 mark and Bitcoin is approaching the $3000 mark.

Litecoin founder quit Coinbase and came back to Litecoin.

Russia and China may digitize their currencies with Ethereum.

The Augur Master Plan.


◹STARTED THIS WEEK (6/5/2017 - 6/10/2017)

  • OnPlace (OPL) - A venture capital fund and an equity crowdfunding platform. Investments made in OPL pay reduced fees compared to investments made in fiat currency.
  • Corion Platform (COR) - A payment platform built on Ethereum Classic with a price controlled token and incentive based inflation rewards.

◹ENDED THIS WEEK (6/5/2017 - 6/10/2017

  • VOISE (VSM) - a decentralized platform for music where artists receive 100% of the revenue earned from their content.
  • (CFI) - A platform that connects startups, experts and investors.
  • Zrcoin (ZRC) - A Waves Platform meta-toekn backed by the production of cubic zirconium
  • Aeternity (XAE) - Second public offering for Aeternity, a smart contract platform with state chains and a native oracle machine.

USD Raised


◹STARTING NEXT WEEK (6/11/2017 - 6/16/2017)

  • FundYourselfNow (FYN- A crownfunding platform that aims to provide technical, marketing, and eventually legal support for token sales.
  • SuperDAO (SUP) - An incubator for Ethereum dapp ventures with a DAO governance model.
  • CompCoin (CMP) - A tokenized financial investment system that operates a decentralized financial trading AI.
  • Honestis Network (HNT) - Portable identity management on a new blockchain to be used in trade, eSignatures, and ID verification.
  • Orocrypt (OROC) - Tokenized precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain.


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