Coin Sheet - June 20, 2017


This little ol' investing website thinks Ethereum's market cap looks like it will overtake Bitcoin's

Some US lawmakers wants to see cryptocurrency holdings declared at the nation's border.

A Bitcoin investment scheme bamboozled investors. Folks, before investing to need to be certain, is this bamboozle, or no bamboozle? If it sounds to good to be true, you're probably getting bamboozled.

WSJ: "War that threatens to tear Bitcoin apart." Gosh I wish I knew what they wrote, too bad I can't because there's a paywall.

NYTimes: "Move Over, Bitcoin. Ether Is the Digital Currency of the Moment." This article has been getting some traction, receiving over 130 comments. Fortunately for us, Susan took just long enough of a break from buying ingredients to make her famous vegan kale tofu avocado okra guacamole (a take on the traditional Mexican guacamole), to comment.


The crypto community took an arrow to the knee...but they were not out for the count. Out of nowhere a mysterious force appeared. His name was  ̶J̶o̶s̶é̶  Hosea! Hosea took a break for a moment from making mad gains to comment.

Unfortunately, by the time Hosea arrived it was too late, a delicious Mexican snack had been ruined. He did make a few good points about crypto but who cares, the avocados are gone.

In other news, Dash hits $200 USD.


Nick Szabo's blog - Unenumerated. In this particular one he talk's about everything from neutron stars creating gold, to discussing the subtle differences between money, treasure, jewelry, and various other artifacts of wealth. 


Our job is to find a few intelligent things to do, not to keep up with every damn thing in the world.
— Charlie Munger


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