Coin Sheet - July 7, 2017


In Adoption: 

  • The UN is using IrisGuard’s Ethereum based biometrics payment platform to help refugees. The technology has already helped 10,000 refugees in Jordan and allows for food purchases to be settled on the blockchain without the need for a card, pin, username, password, ID, or mobile device.
  • Germany’s largest food delivery web portal,, which has over 11,000 partner restaurants now accepts Bitcoin.

Consensys News: The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition.

IRS News: Looks like the IRS might chillax with the probing of Coinbase...for now.

Making Customers Whole: South Korean exchange Bithumb said it would compensate its customers whose accounts were compromised during an attack on its data systems.

Whale News: Former Bain manager launches $50 million Bitcoin and Ethereum fund.

Oh, and some chap at Princeton got like ~400k in federal funding to study mechanism incentives and their applications to cryptocurrencies.


How decentralization fetishism is hindering Bitcoin’s progress.

Vinay Gupta on how blockchain could help emerging markets leap ahead.

And this nice little article from Forbes, Cryptocurrencies: Coming To A Quote Screen Near You.



Fortune sides with him who dares.
— Virgil

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