Coin Sheet - July 20, 2017


To The Beat: Bitcoin made a nice swing up this morning. Why? Because we are getting closer to BIP91 activation. Segwit reaches 80% of the Bitcoin hashrate. Who knows guys, Bitcoin might very soon implement Segwit after more than two years of heated scalability debate. Follow the progress here and read more about it here.

Ocean's Ethleven: Yesterday some internet hooligans managed to exploit a flaw in the Parity Multisig code, which allowed a them to steal over 153,000 ETH (thats like ~$30M USD). Over $160M in Ether and crypto tokens had been preserved due to white hat hacking efforts.

The important question, does this effect you? To quote @MyEtherWallet, "If you do not know what multi-sig is, you are not at risk."

This does beg the question, if the dude who developed Solidity (the language for writing smart contracts) can't code a secure multi-sig wallet, who can?  And wait a second, weren't we told that multi-sig is the safer option for security?

In Coinbase News: Coinbase GM Adam White let us know that Coinbase's GDAX Exchange will not support Bitcoin's User Activated Hard Fork (UAHF). As a reddit user wonderfully articulated, "This is a big deal. Coinbase has drawn a line in the sand and stated they will not allow their massive liquidity to be used to attack Bitcoin."

Regulation Station: Russia is considering legalizing and regulate ICO's.

Whale News: Billionaire investor tucks away 1% of net worth in Bitcoin.


IOTA Foundation partners with Imperial College London to drive Tangle DLT. This only caught my eye because I listened to an interview with one of the cofounders of IOTA yesterday and it was pretty good. 


Very bullish signalling today. Seems like we've already forgot about any bad news from yesterday.

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