Goldman Sachs considering more crypto stuff

June 21, 2018
For everything you have missed, you have gained something else.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

CoinSheet #208


Goldman Sachs Is Considering Crypto Trades Beyond Futures

Atleast those are the words of Chief Operating Officer David Solomon (who is probably going to be their next CEO).

This shouldn't be too surprising.

Members of US Congress Will Soon Have to Reveal Their Crypto Assets

According to a new memo issued by the House Ethics Committee that informs all lawmakers, officers and employees that they must disclose any and all cryptocurrency investments over $1,000.

I declare I have 0 Monero.

What else is going on...

  1. South Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb Hacked
  2. Stanford Univ. Launches Blockchain Research Center
  3. Tether Releases Ex-FBI Director’s Law Firm Report on Its Reserves

What’s Wrong with Cryptoasset Valuation Models Today

Qiao Wang writes:
  1. Lack of empirical analysis
  2. Input data
  3. Misunderstanding of Model Assumptions
  4. Overfitting: Model Complexity
  5. Overfitting: Data Mining
TL;DR - "It’s entirely possible that an asset is at the same time overvalued on the horizon of minutes, undervalued on the horizon of days, and overvalued on the horizon of years."

You can read his full article here.

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We're approaching this channel (micro) resistance. We had a false breakout last time.

The good new is that the more attempts are made, the more likely it is the channel gets broken.
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