Coin Sheet - August 2, 2017


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— John D. Rockefeller Jr.


The Big Split

The big fork happened yesterday and I must say, it was rather uneventful. I mean, given all the hype and build up, not much actually went down. Right now it looks like Bitcoin Cash is being pumped, hard (see photo below).

Anyways, click here for a recap of yesterdays big split from Coindesk.

Want to know the real different between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. I gotcha fam.

Oh, and remember how we linked that article 2 days ago about Bitcoin Cash about Bitfinex's impending accounting disaster? No problem, Bitfinex took care of it.

If you want more Bitcoin Cash related news, check out CNBC's take on it.

Patent News

Bank of America filed for 3 new blockchain patents. One of the patents supposedly enables the validation of changes to user identity, allowing the system to update and evolve that information over time.


Here's a contrarian point of view, that Bitcoin Cash is your historic second chance to become a bitcoin millionaire.

Here's a nice infographic of the history of Bitcoin (made by a CoinSheet reader).


Technical Signals


I have a bullish outlook on the whole cryptocurrency market. Interesting to see all those positive buy signals for Litecoin.

Daily Number Indicator

  Don't know what this is?  Read here .

Don't know what this is? Read here.

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