Coin Sheet - August 3, 2017


A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that other throw at him.
— David Brinkley


BitCoin Cash

The BitcoinCash blockchain is officially live. How's business?

It will be interesting to see what the price of Bitcoin Cash settles on once people can actually deposit their Bitcoin Cash on exchanges. My guess? There will probably be a crash.

There's also some stuff going on with Bitcoin Cash and mining and difficulty adjustments, all things which are not my forte...So I will let Jimmy Song explain how the difficulty on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain will change over the next 10+ blocks (read here).

Poloniex Changes The Rules

Poloniex suddenly updated their terms of service and lots of people got pissed. I think that's understandable, it seems like Poloniex wants to distance itself from its users when it comes to determining which laws and regulations apply to their specific trading behaviors.

Bitfinex to Launch Ethfinex

Bitfinex is building a decentralized exchange based on Ethereum. Bitfinex is the same exchange that called Ethereum a shitcoin just a year ago. Anyways, the more reputable, working exchanges there are, the better, so good on them. Read more about this here.

Smith and Crown: Quarter Two 2017 in Review

Smith and Crown did a nice analysis around token sales. One of their insights is that many projects that launched this quarter are highly experimental and ambitious, and another is that few token sale projects launched with anything resembling a minimal viable product. 

These insights may be common sense to you, but that's because you're an informed individual. Most people are not.

Arrests Have Already Started

Authorities are going after users of AlphaBay and Hansa (two of darknet’s biggest markets).


Table Selection

This article from Ari Paul called Table Selection. Table selection refers to choosing a poker table at which to play. If you're a day trader, or anyone who trades more than they should, give this a read.

A Billion Dollar Response

Some guy emailed billionaire Howard Marks about Bitcoin and shared his response.


Technical Signals


Technical's are very bullish for Ethereum and Litecoin, and just regular ol'bullish for Bitcoin. I am still neutral on the market until we see obvious bullish trends. Also, note the red 3 count on the Number Indicator below, not a sign of a bullish market.

Daily Number Indicator

  Don't know what this is?  Read here .

Don't know what this is? Read here.

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