Coin Sheet - August 7, 2017


"The man who leaves money to charity in his will is only giving away what no longer belongs to him."



Bitcoin Rallies to New All-Time Highs (Yes, again)

No big deal. Remember that UAHF (user activated hard fork) ordeal? No? Me neither. And it looks like folks with money in their hand don't either. With all those headaches seemingly over, current market sentiment for Bitcoin looks extremely bullish. Oh, P.S., where Bitcoin goes, Ethereum and Litecoin are usually not too far behind, so anticipate some bullish activity over there.

Also, Charlie said litecoin will eventually moon, so there ya go internet dwellers, you've heard it here second. And here's an article suggesting some Litecoin gains are to come soon.

Adoption News


The Ether Review

Great episode. Luka Müller and Dianne Schepers discuss major distinctions between US and Swiss law in relation to token issuance, looking at securities law, donations, and the commonly used foundation model. You can find this episode here.

Accidental Knowledge

Leon talks about how cryptocurrency is making us better at money. You can find the article here.

The Curious Tale of Tethers

Another neat article on Medium by BitCrypto’ed. Check it out here.


Technical Signals



We're still very bullish. Expect to stay bullish throughout this week.


Daily Number Indicator


  Don't know what this is?  Read here .

Don't know what this is? Read here.

This green 5 is signaling that we're in a bullish trend.


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