Coin Sheet - August 8, 2017


"Wisdom begins in wonder."



Bitcoin Rallies to New All-Time Highs (and yes, again)

Remember the good ol' days when Bitcoin was struggling to hit 3,000? Remember the day when Bitcoin hit passed the 3,300 mark? Feels like it was just yesterday.

Bitcoin went ahead and set a new PR, surpassing $3,450 on most exchanges (Probably all exchangs but I'm to lazy to check).

Oh Yeah, We've Also Got Segwit

How could I forget about you Segwit, my dear. Segwit is expected to lock in sometime this evening. As of writing this, there were still 44 blocks needed for a lock-in.

You can follow the countdown here: or

EEA News

HP is expected to join the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance sometime around September. HP is a Fortune 100 company so that's pretty neat. Read more about this here.

Ethereum Gets An Airdrop

This can't really be compared to the recent "airdrop" Bitcoin got with it's hardfork, but I'll do so anyway.

Oh right, I should probably explain this. An airdrop in crypto is when people who hold a particular coin are given another coin, for free. In this case that free coin is OmiseGO.

"Every address on the Ethereum blockchain that held a balance over a minimum threshold of 0.1 ETH at a recent past block height (TBA soon) will receive a share of this 5% that is proportionate to their share of ETH."

Read more about this here. And if your even more interested, here's a discussion about it on Reddit.

Overstock Become A Hodler is planning to Keep 50% of all Bitcoin payments as investments. According to the CEO in a recent earning's call Overstock traditionally kept 10% of its Bitcoin earnings and converted the rest to dollars – but had recently "changed its strategy" in light of recent price activity in Bitcoin markets.

You hear that Bezos, they comin' for you.

When You Know Solidity

US officials eye blockchain applications for Visas and foreign aid. The U.S. General Services Agency (GSA) has launched a new information portal in which it lists possible applications for blockchain technology under consideration by the federal government. Read more about this here.


The Playbook

A great article on Medium titled Fred Wilson’s 6+ years as a Blockchain Investor. A story of resilience, patience, and constructive criticism (I wish those were my words, but they're not).

Sorry Bitcoin

Rusty Russel say's "Dear Bitcoin: I’m Sorry, Fees Will Rise." Check out his article on Medium here.

The Official

Some lawmakers in Australia want to see Bitcoin become an official currency and are pushing for recognition of the currency. Neat, read more about this here.


Technical Signals



While I'm still bullish, keep a lookout for any exhaustion of momentum. We might soon see some small corrections.


Daily Number Indicator


  Don't know what this is?  Read here .

Don't know what this is? Read here.

This green 6 is signaling that we're in a 6 day bullish trend. Remember, this particular indicator is used to identify the likely exhaustion point for a trend reversal, so don't only use only 1 indicator when analyzing the market.


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