Coin Sheet - August 17, 2017


The obvious rarely happens, the unexpected constantly occurs.”

—Jesse Livermore


The Bitcoin Upgrade

The developers behind Segwit2x, a plan to increase the transaction capacity of the Bitcoin blockchain, have announced a firm date for the hard fork.

The announcement reads:

"During the month of November 2017, approximately 90 days after the activation of Segregated Witnesses in the Bitcoin blockchain, a block between 1MB and 2MB in size will be generated by bitcoin miners in a move to increase network capacity. At this point it is expected that more than 90% of the computational capacity that secures the bitcoin network will carry on mining on top of this large block."

You can read the official announcement here.

Blockstream Satellite

We recently had the launch of Blockstream Satellite, the world’s first service that broadcasts real-time Bitcoin transactions and blocks from a group of satellites in space.

So who cares? Well...Chris Burniske points out on Twitter that Satellite broadcast makes Bitcoin resilient to fiber going dark, a long-time central point of potential failure.

TL;DR - With the service, everyone will have free access to the Bitcoin network, including the estimated four billion people not currently connected to the Internet. This works because transactions and blocks are broadcast via satellite radio (sorta like GPS). As long as you can "see" a satellite you can receive data from it.

If you still don't follow or don't care, don't worry. Take my word on it, in the grand scheme of things, this is probably a good thing for Bitcoin.

You can read the official announcement here.

Japanese Exchange

According to, the Japanese bitcoin exchange Fisco announced that it has issued Japan’s first bitcoin-denominated corporate bond to test the instrument’s potential to become a useful fundraising tool.

You can read the full article here.

Game Of Returns

Want to see cryptocurrency returns from January 1, 2017 - now? I gotcha fam.

Game Of Graphic Cards

Graphics card maker AMD released a new software package for cryptocurrency mining.

You can read the announcement from AMD here.

Your move Nvidia.


Venture Capitalists And The Cryptocurrency Boom

Today we have a good article by Kia Kokalitcheva titled "Why venture capitalists are tapping into the cryptocurrency boom." She writes about how top-tier venture capital firms are quietly taking advantage of the recent explosion in new cryptocurrencies.

You can read her article here.


Technical Signals


My Current Sentiment: Neutral

Daily Number Indicator

 This is a number indicator is used for identifying trends, measuring momentum and spotting areas of price exhaustion.   Read more here .

This is a number indicator is used for identifying trends, measuring momentum and spotting areas of price exhaustion. Read more here.

Bitcoin's momentum is still bullish but it looks like it is slowing down. Take a look at the RSI and MACD on that chart.

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