Coin Sheet - August 24, 2017


Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” 

—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Segregated Witness Activates on Bitcoin

This is the moment we've been waiting for.

Accoding to Bitcoin Magazine, "as of block height 481,824, found at 1:57 UTC by BTCC, all SegWit ready nodes started enforcing the new SegWit consensus rules."

You can read this article from Bitcoin Magazine to learn more about what you can expect for the next couple of hours, days, weeks, and months.

Segwit is here to try and solve some scalability issues that exist with Bitcoin. Segwit enables Bitcoin to process more transactions. You can read more on how this is done here.

Oh, and how did the market react? So far it's been steady sideways.


Litecoin Has Moon Action

Seems like Lightning network on the Litecoin main net has been achieved.

You can read the alpha release on Github here.

Oh Yeah, and the markets have responded quite nicely. Let's see if Litecoin hold this price.


Money " Master Shill" Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather just promoted his second ICO on Twitter. Floyd also dubbed himself "Floyd Crypto Mayweather," but we all know it's actually Money Master Shill Mayweather.

And you can laugh at him all you want, but the last ICO he promoted went on to raise more than $30 million in its token sale.

Atleast we know 1 thing for certain...a total of 0 whitepapers were read that day.

Bitcoin Donations In Congress

Congressional candidate Patrick Nelson is now accepting Bitcoin donations for the 2018 election. Apparently contribution in Bitcoin currently have a cap of $100 per donor.

Anyways, here's an article about it.


You Wanna Tell Elon Musk He's Wrong?

It's okay, I'll have Daniel Jeffries tell him for you. In this article, Daniel writes about why Elon Musk is wrong about artificial intelligence.

Great article that you can check out here.


Question - How would extremely smart artificial intelligence effect the world of crypto?


Technical Signals


My Current Sentiment: Bullish


Daily Number Indicator

 This is a number indicator is used for identifying trends, measuring momentum and spotting areas of price exhaustion.   Read more here .

This is a number indicator is used for identifying trends, measuring momentum and spotting areas of price exhaustion. Read more here.

Look's like yesterday's candle could not close as a "Green 1," so we are still in a 6 day bear trend for Bitcoin.

If this latest candle closes as a "Green 1," it would end this 6 day bear trend.

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