Coin Sheet - August 30, 2017


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Bitcoin Set A New All Time High

No big deal. What's a bigger deal is that we just had our first Bitcoin candle close above $4,400. This information, paired with technical analysis, suggests that we will atleast have another ~2 days or so of bullish momentum, before a possible 1-2 day pullback, after which Bitcoin should resume its bullish trend and attempt to hit ~$5,000 by mid September.

Now that the boring number talk is out of the way, here are the latest articles for today.

Oh, and if you want an article about Bitcoin's new ATH (all-time high), here you go.

Moscow Stock Exchange Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrency

According to Bitcoin News, Moscow Stock Exchange is creating an infrastructure to trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The exchange plans to trade cryptocurrencies as well as derivatives and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on them. This announcement closely follows the plan by Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev to regulate bitcoin as a financial asset.

We might be going to the moon boys (and girls...all 4 of you).

You can find the article here.

  Putin:  Told ya I was coming *proceeds to dab*

Putin: Told ya I was coming *proceeds to dab*

Whopper Coin

What? More Russia news? Say it ain't so! It's so.

Burger King launches a Whopper Coin cryptocurrency in Russia.

This is not to be confused with McDonalds, hamburgers, and OMG (OmiseGO).

You can find an article about this here.


A Warming About The ICO world

Julian Hosp writes about how the ICO world is full of pump-and-dump schemes, and gives you some tips on how you can avoid getting bamboozled.

From his article, here are a few things you can do to avoid getting scammed:

  • Check the fundamentals of a coin or token.
  • Ask yourself whether there is a great idea behind the company.
  • Who are the founders/creators? Who is the team behind it?
  • Are the people “pumping” a coin known to have been pumped in the past?
  • Is a rise in price justified?
  • What are the incentives of someone talking positively about a coin?

You can find the article here.


Technical Signals


My Current Sentiment: Bullish


Daily Number Indicator

 This is a number indicator is used for identifying trends, measuring momentum and spotting areas of price exhaustion.   Read more here .

This is a number indicator is used for identifying trends, measuring momentum and spotting areas of price exhaustion. Read more here.

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