Coin Sheet - July 23, 2017


Chainsplit: The Merkle came out with an article titled Bitcoin may Still see a Blockchain Split on August 1st.

The tl:dr is that "while the BIP91 lock-in makes SegWit2x and the UAHF compatible, it does nothing to address the Bitcoin ABC issue. This user-activated hard fork will still go into effect on August 1st and seemingly gains more traction every single week."

Is this FUD (definition below) or might there actually be a hard fork due to ideological differences like we've had with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic?

In Illuminati News: Looks like the Rothschild bought some Bitcoin via a Bitcoin Investment Trust.

It appears to be about $210,000 worth of their $880,816,000 portfolio. You can read more about it here.


FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. This term is used to describe the malicious spread of negativity. This is often done with the goal of causing inexperienced members to sell, or possibly cause a temporary dip in price.


I found this neat Noob's Quick Guide to MAST on reddit. MAST is an abbreviation for Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees, and it's supposed to increase speed, scalability and privacy of Litecoin.


The overall is still very bullish but it looks like some pressure has been getting to Litecoin.

 What is this?  Read here


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