Coin Sheet - July 30, 2017


Upcoming Events: As Kraken eloquently communited on their blog:

"On August 1 2017 at 12:20 pm UTC a small community of Bitcoin users is planning a hard fork from Bitcoin to an alternative protocol called “Bitcoin Cash” (BCH). Bitcoin Cash is expected to be a minority chain, with the vast majority of the Bitcoin community remaining on the chain that activates Segregated Witness and, later on, a possible increase to 2MB blocks."

Don't know what UTC is? I gotcha fam.

  Don't know what UTC is? I gotcha fam.

What else? Take note of this memo from Coinbase.


This article titled Power laws and Network Effects: Why BitcoinCash is not a free lunch.

A continuation from the last two day, Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies & the New Decentralized Economy, part 3.

This good read by Kyle E. Mitchell that goes over Seven takeaways from the Securities and Exchange Commission DAO Report.

And this update to yesterdays Bitcoin Hardfork Trading guide.


Technical Signals

Today we have a chart brought-to-you by the Wolf. This chart goes along with my sentiment that we will see a nice bump in price as folks try to accumulate some Bitcoin before the August 1st split. The reality is that most casual traders will probably be unable to capitalize on this event.

Tread these waters carefully. Understand that the movement described in the chart below is not guaranteed, but rather an educated judgment based on an understanding of technical analysis and a feeling developed from looking at many many charts. Anyways, let's see if there will be enough momentum today to overpower the shorts.

Daily Number Indicator

  Don't know what this is?  Read here .

Don't know what this is? Read here.

Nothing particularly interesting on today's daily chart.

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